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Bar Feijoa amsterdam, cocktail bar, fun, bartenders, drinking, night life

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House Rules

Be social, But don’t interrupt other guest’s conversations, 

if you go around annoying your fellow party people you will Be asked to leave

we’re not dj’s, so no song requests
we are definitely Bartenders, so any drink requests are welcome Bringing your own drinks or food is not allowed
don’t go falling asleep on us
no smoking weed in or outside of the venue
all shots come straight out of the Bottle, no B52’s or anything of that variety

if you Bring fried chicken and rice you get something nice
most importantly, have fun and respect each other

XXX  bar feijoa team


VIijzelstraat 39, 1017HE, Amsterdam   |    We open at 17:00  every day  |    Reservations -

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